Watering Of Fresh Floral Foam

Correct way of watering

To water Fresh Floral Foam, it is advised to use a container filled with water, which is large enough and corresponds to the foam’s shape.
Be sure to place the foam on top of the water without pushing down or twisting it, so it can soak thoroughly. This way, the air inside the foam can escape and water takes its place. As a result, the water spreads evenly in the Floral Foam, preventing any dry spots. Therefore, the flower arrangement is being watered properly.

Wrong way of watering

If Fresh Floral Foam is pushed under water, a dry core will remain. This happens because the water is not able to reach the inner cells of the foam since its outer cells are being sealed with water. The sealed outer cells do not allow the air inside the foam to leak. Consequently, the Floral Foam cannot supply the flowers with enough water and they will quickly wilt.

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