Watering large Floral Foam Products

Watering large Floral Foam Products

For large Floral Foam products, the conventional watering method will hardly be used. A mortar mixing tub (available in DIY stores) or a standard “underbed drawer” is the best solution for washing such large products (e.g. OASIS® BIOLINE® titanium heart, 75 x 73 x 5.5 cm). It should be cleaned with Floralife® Cleaner and the water level in the tub should be as high as possible. If it is not possible to place the product with the foam side completely flat on the water, water it by holding it vertically and (For the heart: with the tip of the heart first) slowly dip it into the tub until the lower half of the product has been soaked with water. Then turn the product over to water the upper half in the same way.


A long balcony box is the ideal watering vessel for large rings or wreaths. Water the ring or wreath by placing it upright in the balcony box. As soon as the part of the product standing in the water has been soaked with water, turn the ring or wreath to water the next part. Continue until the ring/wreath is completely watered.


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