Vacuum Suction Cups and Easy-Click-System

Vacuum Suction Cups and Easy-Click-System

Various OASIS® products are already provided with vacuum suction cups, while others are equipped with the Easy-Click-System.

The “hooks” (immersions lined with plastic) of our Easy-Click-System are embedded at the bottom of the rigid foam base and make it simple to attach either wooden legs or our vacuum suction cups (ECOBASE® Vacufix), which are perfectly matched to this system.

With the help of our vacuum suction cups, work pieces can be attached to smooth surfaces effortlessly.

When using vacuum suction cups (either already provided or in combination with the Easy-Click-System), please bear in mind the following:

  • Be sure to clean and subsequently dry the suction cup’s surface after making the flower arrangement ready.
  • The selected spot, in which the arrangement is going to be placed, has to be equally as clean, dry and free from grease. Otherwise, the suction cup’s adhesive force cannot be ensured.
  • Even a recently polished car can decrease the vacuum suction cup’s holding force. In that case, you are supposed to carefully remove the polish in the affected spot with some warm water, dish detergent and a lintfree (leather) cloth.
  • To remove the flower arrangement from the base, we advise to slightly raise the edge of the suction cup with your fingertip. That way, air can stream into the vacuum and the suction cup can be detached easily.
  • Vacuum suction cups can be reused up to three times.
  • We do not recommend the application of vacuum cups on top of matte, repainted or foil-coatted surfaces. (We do not assume any liability in this case.)

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