Sustainability in the Floristry Sector

Florists and sustainability


Preserving the environment, counteracting climate change and at the same time working sustainably – how can this be done? What can a florist contribute to this? Which measures make sense?

Even though the economic factors, the range of services, the customer structure and the location vary from shop to shop, every florist can integrate aspects of sustainability into his daily work. And the integration of sustainable measures pays off! In addition to the environmentally friendly aspect, a sustainable working approach also offers other possible advantages such as cost savings and the attraction of new customers. It is best to begin with a detailed catalog of questions, so that the measures and changes can be specifically tailored to your company.


Suggestions for questions that can serve as a basis for discussion:

Do we use environmentally friendly packaging?

Can we change anything about transport?

  How is the energy supply and use in the company?

  Is our range optimal and sustainably designed?

  Can we avoid or recycle more waste?


Examples of sustainable changes:

  • Using paper instead of film or at least degradable film if use of paper is impossible
  • If possible, do not use packaging at all or first ask whether the customer actually needs any packaging
  • Transition to energy-saving lighting
  • Switching to an eco-power supplier
  • Purchasing from gardeners in the region
  • Changing over to electric cars for transportation
  • Use of products for improvement of quality. The product Floralife® Quick Dip 100 offers a particularly effective way to save water and keep flowers fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Cooperation with Fairtrade Flower Dealers
  • Offering more insect-friendly plants and specifically pointing out this fact
  • Using OASIS® BLACK Floral Foam. It does not have to be completely covered as it can be used as a design element. This not only saves time but also material.
  • Floral art with “upcycling”, in which useless or defective products are given a new function and upgrading


It is not easy for every company to implement sustainability as a business principle, because not every desirable action for the environment can be integrated into individual work processes. However, you should be aware that every minimal step towards sustainability is better for the environment than doing nothing. Also remember to communicate your sustainable changes (e.g. through advertising and promotional materials). This can attract new customers and generally strengthen customer loyalty and trust. It is also the only way to raise awareness of sustainability in the florist sector.

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