Sustainability Approach of the Smithers-Oasis Germany GmbH


Smithers-Oasis – for a sustainable future of the floristry industry.

You and Smithers-Oasis… together for a sustainable future of the floristry sector. We assess our product portfolio responsibly and honestly and provide you with solutions to combine breathtaking floristry with a sustainable lifestyle. Let us secure the future for future generations together!


Our Logo displays our 4 key points: REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE RESPECT

  • REDUCE: we reduce or even eliminate the use of plastic and packaging materials
  • REUSE: we provide you with products which do not have to be limited to a single use
  • RECYCLE: responsible purchasing and production processes allow the use of high-quality materials and effective recycling
  • RESPECT: we always act in an appreciative and respectful manner – internally and externally

Everyone should internalize “DO GOOD!” because it is you who can make the difference and initiate change!

We are not responding to a trend, we have already started to adjust our fundamental approach years ago. The three pillars of sustainability are essential and enable us to respond to further market trends.

What we have done so far, what we are doing right now and what we are planning to do.


We are committed to the concept of CSR in order to implement a sustainable corporate management. This includes the voluntary incorporation of social, ecological and economic sustainability aspects.


We took action – What we have done so far



Social – people:

It is particularly important to us to ensure the well-being of our employees. For example, employees of our company have the opportunity to use the local swimming pool free of charge. Happy family celebrations serve as appreciation for the work of all employees. Here you get an insight into our last family festival.

We also support the floristry industry by working with floristry schools and florists (in cooperation with the FDF) and by sponsoring them. With the help of children’s projects, we teach even the youngest children how to handle flowers. The Kids Days we organise not only bring joy to the participating children, but also to us each time.


Ecological – planet:

Some of our environmentally friendly actions include switching from white lacquered to untreated brown cartons. We have also switched our lighting system to LED with motion sensor to save energy.

In 2018, we also received the Grüner Punkt environmental certificate for saving energy, resources and emissions by recycling used packaging. The contribution of avoided CO2 is roughly equivalent to the amount of CO2 produced when 1369 people travel by train from Mainz to Magdeburg and back (determined via

Our product management team is also continuously working to make our products even more environmentally friendly.

Some of our products which we are particularly proud of:


Economical – prosperity:

We support the floristry industry to ensure future business for every industry partner. In addition, our marketing approaches are designed to help secure the future of the company and the industry.


We take action – What we are currently working on


Ongoing projects:
  • Development of new products with multiple use function
  • Creation of an energy plan: How can you save energy and how can you improve the way every employee/ our company handles energy resources?
  • Educating our employees/customers about sustainability and what it means for us
  • Every new idea and every new product is already tested during the planning phase under the aspects of sustainability.
  • Launching an online column to inform about sustainability and what we are doing to be in tune with a sustainable society. Take a look at:


We will take action – Plans we have for the future


Our main goals:
  • We want to support the floristry industry to meet sustainable goals
  • Honest evaluation and possibly change of products
  • Reduction of plastic and waste in general
  • Being open to the best practices of other Smithers-Oasis units or other companies in order to learn and improve continuously
  • Always thinking about our people, introducing further health-promoting approaches and appreciating the work of all
  • Sustainability is not a response to a trend, it is an adjusted fundamental approach, which we will pursue with responsibility.
  • Internalisation and dissemination of our guiding principle – REDUCE   REUSE   RECYCLE   RESPECT


We label for you – all product labels at one glance!


The FSC seal of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guarantees that the used wood comes from sustainable and environmentally friendly forest cultivation. The label can be found on wood and paper products.


OK compost” products consist of biodegradable materials and are compostable. The certification is based on the European standard EN 13432.


A neutral and transparent quality label with regard to the proportion of bio-based carbon and product quality makes the search for resource-saving products easier. By using the “biobased” label, we document that we use biobased raw materials and that we are subject to regular monitoring.


Der Grüne Punkt is a protected trademark of Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD)[1] and identifies sales packaging in Germany which is collected either in the yellow sack or the yellow bin, in glass recycling containers or in the waste paper bin and then sorted by the dual system i. S. d. § 6 Abs. 3 of the packaging ordinance.



We are always happy to receive new ideas and suggestions on the subject of sustainability. Please feel free to contact us!

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