Smithers-Oasis Assessment Center 2019

Training at Smithers-Oasis

Smithers-Oasis Germany GmbH has again created apprenticeship places for the training year 2019. By training our own junior staff, we aim to preserve our know-how and pass it on to the next generations. For example, we are currently looking for apprentices to become industrial clerks.

We have already received numerous applications, which is why we invited a selection of applicants to an assessment center.

During this three-hour event, our current trainees were able to provide the applicants with important information about our company and the course of the training. Furthermore, we were able to get a good impression of the candidates beyond their application documents.

This Assessment Center was already the third of its kind. As always, the soaking and cutting of our foam was an absolute highlight for everyone. The applicants were divided into three groups and were supposed to create arrangements matching the theme of carnival.



We are currently accepting applications for training positions as industrial mechanic and as machine or plant operator. Through these two tenders, we also intend to preserve the knowledge available in our company for the next few years.

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