Our products

The Black Floral Foam of our OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Series is equipped with the same great quality as the traditional OASIS® IDEAL Floral Foam in green:

  • universal use
  • suitable for nearly all popular flower and bouquet sizes
  • becomes saturated fast
  • minimal drainage
  • optimal retention force

Can be used as a design element in floral workpieces. Black Floral Foam does not have to be covered completely. That way, florists can save time as well as materials. Makes it possible to create unique, modern and extravagant designs.

Analogous to the OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Series, our OASIS® BLACK BIOLIT® Series is equipped with the same great quality and characteristics as our traditional green OASIS® IDEAL Floral Foam. Its base is made of recycling cardboard. These products can be used for table and room decoration, as well as for Funeral arrangements. In order to protect sensitive surfaces, we recommend to place a layer of some kind of waterproof material underneath the cardboard base.

Recycling cardboard base is made of 100% pressed recycled paper.

Our OASIS® BLACK NAYLOR BASE® Series is equipped with the same great quality as our green OASIS® IDEAL Floral Foam.

Its plastic base serves as a water reservoir and makes it possible to rewater work pieces. Therefore, products of this series are especially convenient for flower arrangements which are presented over a longer period of time (e.g. Advent wreaths). Bowl is equipped with anti-slide knobs, which prevent unintentional sliding and scratches.

Even our popular Table Decos are now available in a trendy black. Black Floral Foam in a black bowl is the ideal base for modern, trendy arrangements with up-to-date designs.

Product Characteristics & Advantages

  • avoids foam waste
  • saves time and costs
  • plastic base serves as a water reservoir and thus makes potentional preliminary work possible


Small but effective! Working with the color black continues to be an ongoing trend. Now that there is a black version of our popular bowl OASIS® Junior Complet, you are able to use black foam for small flower arrangements too. Black Floral Foam makes it possible to create unique designs with only a few floral materials as this foam does not have to be covered completely.

Products of our OASIS® EYCHENNE® ALL BLACK Series are made of particularly hard polyurethane foam. Moreover, they contain a top-quality plastic bowl, which serves as solid base for your work pieces. The special characteristics of this type of Floral Foam are:

  • The foam’s higher stability makes this type of Floral Foam particularly suitable for flowers with long stems. It also opens up new design possibilities.
  • convenient for arrangements with fresh, silk or dry flowers
  • high retention force
  • colorfast
  • ph-neutral (when working with cut flowers, foam needs to be watered in combination with storage solution)
  • This foam’s water-holding force is a bit lower than the green Floral Foam’s water-holding force since this foam is also appropriate for dry flowers. (It is therefore recommended to rewater the completed flower arrangement regularly.)