IPM Essen 2019 – Follow-up Report


Smithers-Oasis at the IPM 2019 in Essen

It was a complete success, the international plant fair in January 2019. This year, friends of the green industry were invited to search for trends and inspiration again. We, Smithers-Oasis, had our own stand in Hall 5 and were part of the BLOOM’s World special show in Hall 1A. There was plenty to discover!

At our own booth, the OASIS® BLACK series were skilfully presented in our product demos by Lisa Thalmayr. Since our locksmiths built a milling machine for the trade fair, we were able to impressively show the audience that Black Floral Foam has nothing to hide. Lisa milled individual vases made of Black Floral Foam Cylinders. An idea that can also be implemented at home with a little patience (our tip: Files, sandpaper, knives and grinding machines are good tools for shaping the foam).

By clicking on the photos, you will get to the step-by-step instructions.



Would you like to know how Lisa Thalymayr designed these workpieces? No problem, click here and discover useful video tutorials on our IPM designs.

Our participation at the BLOOM’s special show caused a lot of amazement and was an eye-catcher in the flower hall: Our decorated products for wedding and funeral floristry were shining in scribbled surroundings to match the new catalog. Furthermore, they represented the current floristry trends for 2019. With 3 theme areas (funeral, wedding and living areas), we inspired the visitors to use our Green and Black Floral Foam products to create extraordinary designs.
Sina Bertsch invited the visitors to our “living room”, where she held great workshops around Black Floral Foam. She was able to turn one or the other skeptic into a fan!

And of course Evelyn Gerull, known as Evi the Explanatory Expert, provided helpful information and clarification for the visitors on various topics and questions.

A big Thank You to www.blooms.de for the great realization and the floristic arrangement.






You will find more impressions in the gallery at the top of the page and at Inspiration. You can also find a lot of photos and videos about the IPM 2019 on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram & Youtube) Follow us!

Have fun discovering.

The whole team of Smithers-Oasis Germany GmbH says “Thank you for your visit” and is looking forward to the IPM 2020.

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