How did we make it?

The following flowers (botanical terms) and materials were used:
  • Anemone coronaria
  • Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum
  • Freesia Cultivar
  • Ranunculus asiaticus
  • goose, chicken and quail eggs
  • feathers
  • sisal rope
  • sticking clips
  • OASIS® BLACK Table Deco Medi
  • Anchor Tape
The entire series can be found in the BLOOM’s Praxis Edition 91 – March / April 2020
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Step 1

Take the foam out of the bowl, water it and put it back. Use adhesive tape to attach sticking clips to the blown out eggs and insert them into the foam.

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Step 2

Fill some eggs with water and place flowers inside of them.

Products used for this creation

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The black foam in the black bowl is the ideal basis for modern, trendy arrangements in the latest look