New Look – A different kind of Advent Wreath

The Advent Wreath has become an integral part of the pre-Christmas season and is an integral part of our Christmas culture. But it does not always have to be traditionally designed as a Wreath. Candlesticks in various shapes and sizes are the ideal basis for giving Advent Wreaths a new look. In combination with black foam, there are numerous design possibilities. 4 Advent Sundays, 4 candles, 4 ways to present the black foam – whether classically and completely covered, lightly decorated or completely uncovered, there are no limits to your creativity.

The following flowers and materials were used:
  • stachys leaves (lamb’s ear)
  • pine needles
  • Hydrangea “Annabelle”  (barely changes when drying out and is therefore suitable for durable designs)
  • decoration stand made of metal
  • OASIS® Floral Adhesive
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Products used for this creation

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Suitable for table and room decorations in an extraordinary style; in 16 and 20 cm