© Tino Hoogterp in the g&v Edition 5/2020 “Trauer und Gedenken”

Modern Funeral Floristry – Courage & Expression

Modern Funeral Floristry with the OASIS® Designer’s Collection – Designs by Tino Hoogterp (florales.handwerk)

In the g&v Edition 05, Tino demonstrates the strong expressiveness of floristic handcraft with this interpretations and encourages to follow new paths in funeral floristry. After all, the initiative for unusual designs can almost only come from the florist. Morticians or surviving dependants might be overwhelmed in most cases. Particularly since they do not know the technical possibilities.

He studied the lives of four extreme personalities in an exemplary way – to be able to give them a worthy last appearance:


Right next to the store where I work in Munich is the ‘Square for the Victims of National Socialism’. Every day I walk past it and think of all the people who were persecuted and died. In this work, I thought of the expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. On a wooden plank I fixed two identical OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cylinders next to each other. I inserted a variety of colourful, exotic and specially grown cut flowers, only a little foliage, into them. I wanted the piece to be as expressive as the works of the persecuted artist who took his own life in 1938.”






“KMER, DARE and OZ are synonyms of artists who loved and lived graffiti. Their cities Berlin, Basel and Hamburg were shaped by their different graffiti styles. Unfortunately, they died way too early. Since I do graffiti myself, I couldn’t imagine ‘normal’ funeral floristry for a sprayer’s funeral. Rather a work as colourful, individual and exotic as graffiti pictures on trains and walls. For this piece, I sprayed Strelitzia leaves and Cymbidium tubes with OASIS® AQUA COLOUR Sprays in matching colours. Thanks to the squared OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Design Plate, I was able to place the flowers and leaves freely. Finally, drops, runners and speckles were added to the Floral Foam. The chosen
urn creates a contrast to the graffiti in the overall picture. In addition, the grieving guests can leave their final greeting or ‘tags’ on the urn.”





“Yellow, orange, copper, nature and extravagance – that’s how the preferences of a passed woman were described to me. A wild mixture, a challenging task! For this work, I layered pieces of the large OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cylinders on a rod, always alternating with the wooden slices of a plane tree. The technique should be on full display in this work as well. Then I placed dried hydrangeas and fern fronds, yellow daffodils, freesias, eucalyptus flowers and dark colored ‘Thrill’ carnations all around, loosely spaced. It was important to me, as with all the pieces, that the floristry and urn form a unity.
(Urn design and manufacture: Kati Jünger for w e i s s über den tod hinaus)









“For this work, I thought of an architect of Brutalism. An architectural style characterized by exposed concrete, emphasis on construction, simple geometric shapes and a rough arrangement of buildings. To pick up on these design elements, I cut sharp, clean edges from two OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Blocks. Both blocks were deliberately placed next to each other in a slight disharmony. In this piece, I devoted special attention to the interplay of shapes and lines of the Floral Foam as well as of the flowers used, working as reduced as possible. The urn ‘white house’ fits perfectly.”
(Urn design: Lene Jünger for w e i s s über den tod hinaus)

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