How did we make it?

The following flowers (botanical terms) and materials were used:
  • Dianthus caryophyllus
  • Echeveria Cultivar
  • Eustoma grandiflorum
  • Hoya carnosa
  • Olea europaea
  • Stromanthe amabilis
  • Thymus serpyllum
  • Cord
  • Felt ribbon
  • Florist wire
  • Foil
  • Plant support sticks
  • self adhesive Pinholder, Pini  KL
  • OASIS® Garland
The entire series can be found in the BLOOM’s Praxis Edition 90 November/December 2019
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Step 1

Water the Fresh Floral Foam Garland.

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Step 2

When decorating, start with the branches, then add the leaves and flowers.

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Step 3

Fix the echeveria by using pieces of wooden plant support sticks.

Products used for this creation

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OASIS® Garland

The 10 m long garland with nylon net can be shortened to any desired length

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Pini Super Extra KL

With the Pini Super Extra KL, Floral Foam can be easily attached to smooth surfaces