How did we make it?

The following flowers (botanical terms) and materials were used:
  • Amaranthus caudatus
  • Asclepias incarnata
  • Ceropegia woodii
  • Dahlia Cultivar
  • Quercus robur
  • Rosa Cultivar
  • Serruria florida
  • Stachys byzantina
  • Cord
  • Gift Tag
  • Polystyrene Heart
  • OASIS® Foliage Glue
  • OASIS® Double-Fix Clear (double-sided transparent adhesive tape)
  • OASIS® Table Design Neo
The entire series can be found in the BLOOM’s Praxis Edition 95 September/October 2020
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Step 1

Cut a square opening in the middle of the Polystyrene Heart for the plastic bowl with the watered Floral Foam and insert both there.

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Step 2

Cover the heart with double-sided adhesive tape and stick on leaves.

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Step 3

Apply another layer of leaves with floral glue and decorate the Floral Foam surface with florals.

Products used for this creation

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Polystyrene Heart

Ideal for permanent decorations.

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OASIS® Table Design Neo

Ideal for small table and room decorations and as a basis for gift floristry.

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OASIS® Double-Fix Clear

Double-sided adhesive tape