How did we make it?

The following flowers (botanical terms) and materials were used:
  • Ammi visnaga
  • Anemone coronaria
  • Argyranthemum frutescens
  • Carex morrowii ’Variegata’
  • Freesia Cultivar
  • metal label(BLOOM’s)
  • splint basket
  • foil
  • burlap
  • hot glue
  • OASIS® Table Deco Medi
The whole series can be found in the BLOOM’s Praxis Edition 79 January/February 2018
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Step 1

Choose the appropriate size for the OASIS® Table Deco Series so it matches your basket’s size.

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Step 2

Start planting your preferred pot plants first. Afterwards, add OASIS® Floral Foam along with suitable flowers.

Products used for this creation

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OASIS® BLACK Table Deco Series

perfect for small table and room decoration as well as for floral gifts