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Design by Christiane Nebel and Lisa Thalmayr

The job of a florist involves far more than just composing bouquets and floral arrangements.

Floral Designers have to choose colors and shapes which do not only match the current floristry trends, but also the current furniture and interior design trends. Only in this way, you can create modern designs with that ‘wow‘ factor. Christiane Nebel and Lisa Thalmayr know how to fascinate people with their work pieces. They use flowers as a tool to convey emotions and unique messages. Take a look at their work steps – from the first meeting and the preparation of the concept to the ON LOCATION finalization at the client’s place.

It takes a lot of time and a lot of creativity until a design idea can be put into effect. By drawing sketches, you collect your thoughts and put them on paper. This can help your ideas to develop further. From there on, you can create mood boards and develop a color concept. Once you have roughly visualized your first idea for the room concept, you can already discuss your vision with the customer. That way, it is possible to concretize the designer’s as well as the customer’s idea while trying to blend both visions into one concept. This approach simplifies the making of the work piece and prevents misunderstandings. The flower arrangement can be prepared in the florist’s own atelier or workshop. The completion of the arrangement happens at the location.

The OASIS® BLACK Series is the perfect base for Christiane and Lisa to let their creativity run wild. It does not matter whether they want to create a more traditional design or whether they want to leave the Black Floral Foam visible – Our OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Sphere can serve as base for a countless number of different designs. In this case, both florists decide to use the foam’s black color to create depth and to highlight the bright colors of the flowers.

Preparation – Create and visualize your concept
Formation Process – Arrange your design
Finish your design on-site

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