Extravagant Advent Arrangement

Striking and opulent, but still Christmassy elegant – that’ s how the Advent arrangement based on the OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cylinder Stick appears. Dark, rich colours have a mysterious effect. Metallic surfaces and details are also important for this special effect. Brown details and red candles bring warmth to the arrangement. An Advent arrangement of a slightly different kind, which will be an eye-catcher on every festive table.

The entire series can be found in the BLOOM’s VIEW Christmas 2020

How did we make it?

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Step 1

Insert candle holders (4 pieces) into the cylinder by pushing them through the foam.

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Step 2

Tape a piece of the candle holder to prevent the cable tie from slipping and place a flat washer between cable tie and Floral Foam.

Products used for this creation

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Black Floral Foam does not have to be covered completely.