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OASIS® Designer’s Collection: Experimental Wall Decoration

A composition that breathes colourful life into the room. Since the cubes are mounted on the wall without any vessels, they can be decorated from 5 sides – you can design without limits, but the sequence in which the floral materials are arranged, should still be an important guiding principle in the decoration process. The arrangement appears dynamic and airy and follows the principle of „compressing and dissolving“.

I love cubes because they are universal and handy. Moreover, they can easily be used as technical and creative elements in table decorations. But what appealed to me was a wide, experimental wall design!

– Ramona Heilmann, Student of the 70th year of the Staatliche Fachschule für Blumenkunst Weihenstephan

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An overview of the students’ projects

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About the Project

We set the base – you create the emotions. With this motto, Smithers-Oasis is starting the new year. A new collection that is aimed specifically at floral designers who strive for limitless design freedom – the OASIS® Designer‘s Collection. 8 students of the Staatliche Fachschule für Blumenkunst (College for Floral Art) Weihenstephan were given the honour of testing the new product line in advance and addressed the following questions: „What impulses can the new OASIS® Designer‘s Collection give to the floristry sector and to floral art? Furthermore, how have the Smithers-Oasis products influenced former and current floral designs?“. The main focus was on the functionality for daily floristic work. The aim here was to present the products practically and efficiently for events, shop windows and exhibition stands by using specific design techniques. In the subjects of design-oriented composition, visualization and model, design theory, photography and media design, the students of the 70th year developed, visualized and executed their ideas for the OASIS® Designer‘s Collection.


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