How did we make it?

The following flowers (botanical terms) and materials were used:
  • Brunia laevis
  • Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum
  • Eucalyptus polyanthemos
  • Symphoricarpos albus
  • dry Allium Umbel
  • wool felt
  • wool cord
  • snow spray
  • OASIS® Double-Fix Clear, double-sided adhesive tape
  • OASIS® Table Design Viva
The entire series can be found in the BLOOM’s Praxis Edition 78 November/December 2017
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Step 1

Take a plastic container and fill it with previously watered Floral Foam. With the help of double-sided tape, completely cover the container with wool felt. Next, push a dry Allium Umbel into the foam.

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Step 2

Embellish the dried plant with snow spray.

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Step 3

After that, decorate foam with fresh plants.

Products used for this creation

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OASIS® Table Design Viva
perfect for small table and room decoration and as base for floral gifts
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OASIS® Double-Fix Clear
double-sided adhesive tape, allows fast and almost invisible attachment of materials to various surfaces