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Floral Designer Tino Hoogterp

Advent Floristry with the OASIS® Designer’s Collection – unique and different.

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Not in the mood for standard table decorations? That’s probably how a couple of customers feel when they stumble into your store at Christmas time. It’s so simple: name cards, OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cubes, candles, twigs, cones, Christmas balls and a few fresh flowers. Done!! Cool decoration, whether designed by the florist or the customer himself. Turn this idea into an online workshop and inspire your customers by letting them participate live in the design.

Clear Concept

Linear and serene, yet elegant and high quality. In noble gold and traditional with 4 candles, but still novel in its form, the Advent arrangement appeals to customers who like it clear, straight and tidy, yet have a modern style of living.


…like the mountains of the Dolomites. Those who like to spend Christmas on ski vacations will love this piece. The Black Floral Foam slices from the OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Block are almost randomly shaped and pick up the wild structures of the rock layers with the black wooden plates. Placeholders for snow and mountain plants are the white candles and dry materials. The perfect design for every mountain hotel or for mountain fans with a large living room.


A great Christmas, without the classic fir and co? In that case, the golden wire vessel with red candle and the OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cylinder is a good choice. The florals were worked into the sliced cylinder. Timelessly modern Christmas, for the single household, the reception area, but also for the big city villa.

At Home

… and very far away in your thoughts! You love travelling to far away countries? This year, however, the Christmas season will take place at home. Why not bring the wonderful destinations home? Combine Phalaenopsis from Indonesia and the Philippines, anthuriums from Colombia, nerines from South Africa paired with Christmas accessories like baubles and cones. The pieces of the OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cylinder Rod give the materials the necessary support and blend in visually.


This work is a homage to Tokyo. The candles, as skyscrapers inside the city, rise high above it. The interesting, centuries-old culture with all its sublimity and versatility is reflected in the materials used.

Products used for this creation

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