Information about OASIS® Car Decoration Holders

How to attach OASIS® Car Decoration Holders


OASIS® Car Decoration Holders are available in various shapes and designs. For some products (e.g. OASIS®Auto Double Ring or Auto Rondella), the vacuum cup is already integrated and firmly anchored to the Floral Foam Base. For other products (e.g. OASIS® ECObase® Heart for setting up), the suction cups are included and can be quickly and easily attached to the Floral Foam Base. They all provide a secure hold if you pay attention to the following points:

  • The selected spot, in which the arrangement is going to be placed, has to be flat and smooth. Moreover, the suction cup’s surface and the selected spot have to be clean, dry and free from grease. Even a recently polished car can decrease the vacuum suction cup’s holding force. In that case, you are supposed to carefully remove the polish in the affected spot with some warm water, dish detergent and a lintfree (leather) cloth.
  • Thoroughly clean the vacuum cup again after decorating the Car Decoration Holder. Dirt or dust underneath the suction cup can cause it to rub against the top layers of paint on the hood of your car, which can lead to a stain. (This can be removed again by the workshop but it  causes trouble!)


How to attach products with integrated vacuum suction cups:

  • Attaching: Place the decorated product on the engine hood and activate the vacuum cup by simultaneously pulling the two handles outwards.
  • Removing: By simultaneously pushing the handles of the vacuum cup inwards, the connection to the base is automatically released. If the suction cup does not release immediately, slightly lift the suction cup‘s surface with your fingertip. This allows air to flow into the remaining vacuum.




How to attach OASIS® ECObase® products:
  • Attaching: First press the vacuum cups supplied into the holders on the bottom of the product until they snap into place. The round thickening at the upper end of the suction cup ensures that it does not detach from the Floral Foam Base. Place the finished arrangement on the engine hood.
  • Removing: Use your fingertip to slightly lift the suction surface at the edge of the suction cup. This allows air to flow into the vacuum and therefore, the suction cup detaches from the base.




Important information when using Car Decoration Holders
  • It can occur that a customer orders a Car Decoration, but then wants to put it on the car himself (e.g. because the wedding takes place in another city). Improper handling can cause damage to the car! In this case, inform the customer that the attachment of the Car Decoration is at their own risk! Furthermore it is recommended not to drive faster than 50 km/h.


We recommend:
  • The Car Fix Foil protects sensitive surfaces, such as car paint. It is transparent and self-adhesive and can be removed without leaving any residue.



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