Important Warnings When Using Certain Products


Smithers-Oasis Germany GmbH assumes no liability for the improper handling of products. Please pay special attention to the following information.


Products equipped with a magnet (e.g. Corsage Magnets)
  • Do not carry or store near medical equipment! Cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps, hearing aids, etc. can be limited in their function or become completely ineffective!
  • Do not carry or store near cards with magnetic stripes! The function of credit cards, EC cards, telephone cards etc. can be destroyed!
  • Be sure to inform your customer of the dangerous situations! The customer needs to confirm in writing that he has received the information.


Products with self-adhesive pad (e.g. OASIS® Powerstick-Corso Floral Foam Holder)
  • Do not stick to car paint parts! The adhesive pad is not suitable for gluing onto car paint! It cannot be removed without the danger of damaging the car paint.
  • Be careful when attaching the products to church pews! The varnish on very old, antique pews is often especially sensitive. There is a danger that the adhesive pad cannot be removed without leaving a residue on the surface of the bench.


Car Decoration Holders (e.g. OASIS® Double Auto Ring)
  • It can happen that a customer orders a Car Decoration, but then wants to put it on the car himself (e.g. because the wedding takes place in another city). Improper handling can cause damage to the car! In this case, inform the customer that the attachment of the Car Decoration is at the customer’s own risk! Furthermore it is recommended not to drive faster than 50 km/h.
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