Cutting Flowers Correctly

Cutting flower stems

Correct way of cutting flower stems

The blade of the knife or scissors should be sharp and clean. The ideal cutting angle is 45°. That way. the stems are not crushed, so an optimal water supply is guaranteed. Moreover, the Floral Foam is divided and not compressed, so it can hold the stems optimally. This makes the insertion of the flower stems into the foam a lot easier.
Make sure that the stem is cut through completely (in diameter).

Incorrect way of cutting flower stems

With a straight cut surface, the Floral Foam is compressed and thus unstable. It can no longer hold the flowers and the water absorption is not optimal.

An extremely long cut does not mean that the flowers can absorb more water. However, it offers a large surface area for bacteria to attack.

If the stem is not completely cut through (in diameter) at the first cut, optimum water absorption is not guaranteed. The water absorption pathways are usually located in the outer skin of the flower stems and not in the interior!

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