OASIS® Raquette – A True Insider Tip

Did you know? The OASIS® Raquette is an often underestimated product and a true insider tip for event decorations. The Raquette is wrapped with a micro-perforated foil, which must not be removed under any circumstances. The purpose of this foil is to limit the evaporation of water. The Floral Foam underneath the foil thus remains […]


The OASIS® Car Fix car film protects the car paint and can be removed again without residues

Watered Floral Foam

It is best to cut the plug foam dry, then first water it, and then fix it in the container.

Cut flowers correctly

The stems are not squeezed, so an optimal water supply is guaranteed. The cutting foam is divided and not compressed

Vacuum cup & Easy Click System

Various OASIS® products are already permanently equipped with vacuum cups, while others feature the Easy-Click system.

Watering of floral foam

It is important that the floral foam is placed on the water and “free-floating” without foreign influence (e.g. by pressing down or turning) can soak up.