5 Steps To Freshness

Your goal: Satisfied customers. Your customers want to enjoy their flowers for as long as possible. The Floralife® 5 Steps to Freshness quality products help you achieve this goal.



A basic requirement for a long flower life is proper hygiene. Part of it is the regular cleaning of cold storage rooms, buckets, tools and work surfaces as well as vases for product presentation with Floralife® Cleaner. Dilute the Floralife® Cleaner with water and fill it into a spray bottle. Afterwards spray the whole surface, which has to be cleaned, with the mixture.


The starting aid for dry transported flowers is to treat the stem ends with Floralife® Quick Dip 100. A short immersion (2-3 sec.) is sufficient to free the cut surfaces. This ensures maximum water and nutrient absorption. Floralife® Quick Dip 100 revitalizes cut flowers that have been stored without water for a long time and returns them to full freshness. TIP: Do not dilute as the product is already a ready-to-use solution.


A continuous supply with all necessary nutrients is essential. The nutrient supply starts at the grower, proceeds at the cut flower retailer and then continues at your place. Floralife® Express CLEAR ULTRA 200 is the perfect product for presentation on the sales floor. It is highly concentrated – 1 liter is sufficient for 200 liters of water. Exact dosing is extremely important – best achieved with the automatic Floralife® Mixrite dosing pump.

Express CLEAR ULTRA 200 works without having to cut the flowers‘ stems. After delivery, the cut flowers are directly placed in the sales container without any further processing. We recommend previous treatment with Floralife® Quick Dip 100 for maximum flower life, especially if your flowers are delivered dryly. No cutting is necessary here either!



Floralife® Finishing Touch not only protects the flowers and reduces evaporation, but it also gives the bouquet a fresher look and brilliance. It is important to avoid spraying the bouquet with water as this can lead to the formation of mold (botrytis).


The end consumer should also continue to supply their flowers with Floralife® flower food. It is important to consistently provide customers with Floralife® flower food bags. Flower Food promotes water absorption, prevents hanging heads and prevents premature wilting.  The customer needs to be informed about the correct dosage at every purchase. They will appreciate it! 10g/10ml Floralife® flower food for 1l water. Underdosing can even shorten the flowers’ vase life!

Express Universal 300 is the unique formulation for a long flower life of all types of flowers without cutting the stems!

What does Floralife®Cut Flower Food consist of?

Floralife®Clear Cut Flower Food consists of:

  • sugar source for nutrition
  • acidifier to lower the pH of the water
What does Floralife®Cut Flower Food do?
  • Floralife®Clear Cut Flower Food helps to lower the pH of water
  • optimizes and prolongs the vase life of cut flowers
  • reduces the fading of the flowers‘ color
  • prevents hanging heads and leaves
  • delays withering
  • boosts the blossom’s opening, color, scent and size
  • makes it superfluous to change the vase water daily
  • can help to reduce the spoilage of flowers in your shop
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