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Trend Floristry – Interior Design

From the customer’s order to the finished design – a creative process in which the ideas of the florist and the customer must be brought to a common denominator. Sketches help to visualize and concretize the own idea. That way, the customer can also get a better picture.

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New Brochures

Not only have we furnished our catalog with a new design, but we have also renewed our brochures. Furthermore, they are now equipped with many great ideas and impressions of our products. The themes range from modern wedding decoration to funeral arrangements.


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„OASIS® BLACK Series – it’s the designer’s choice“

Let your imagination run wild and create your own unique designs with our OASIS® BLACK Series. Our Black Floral Foam is a true allrounder. Decorate black foam in a classical way or use it as a design element by decorating it sparingly – “it’s the designer’s choice”. Our high-quality Black Floral Foam opens up new design possibilities and offers a solid base for extraordinary flower arrangements. There are even some economic benefits to using Black Floral Foam. You can save up to 25% of materials. Why? – When working with black foam, you do not have to cover the foam completely for your arrangements to look embellished and complete. Let your imagination run wild and create modern, contemporary designs. “It’s the designer’s choice”.
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